Online Orientation

All students interested in taking their first customized learning/online course at Ratchford University must first complete an online orientation. The purpose of this short simulated online course is to prepare students to be successful in the online environment. Most students have been able to complete the orientation in under two hours.

If you think you need to take this orientation, click here.

If you have already received your login name and password for the orientation, enter your orientation by clicking Online Orientation.

Ratchford Online Blackboard Portal

All students in Blackboard courses can enter their courses through this Ratchford Online Blackboard Portal. Once students enter this portal, they will find links to all the online classes or web enhanced courses for which they are registered.

Course Access

If your course/s are not listed at the Blackboard Portal, check the following:

  1. Have you successfully completed the Online Orientation? It is a prerequisite for all online courses, so you must have completed it before being enrolled in your course/s.

  2. Are you trying to access your course/s more than a week before your course term begins? Logins and passwords begin distribution one week before the beginning of the course term.

  3. Contact Customized Learning Center Staff (phone: (888) 825-2777 or if you have any other questions.

Faculty Login Portal

Faculty members may login to WEC from here to administer their online courses.

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