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VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, JCB, DINERS PAYMENT CARDS OR BANK WIRE TRANSFER. Please ask here information for wire transfer.

Fee payments are never accepted unless and until an applicant is approved. DO NOT SEND OR ENCLOSE PAYMENT WITH YOUR APPLICATION. Upon approval, we will send you our Notification of Acceptance Letter, via email. You are requested to make payment at the time of your acceptance of our offer.

Please note, You can get also Interest FREE Educational Loan (0%, 10 years, without mortgage !!!):






Associate Degree 1425.00
Bachelor Degree 1475.00
Master Degree 1552.00
Doctoral Degree 1651.00
Associate/Bachelor 1753.00
Bachelor/Master 1858.00
Master/Doctoral 2052.00
Assoc/Bachelor/Master 2101.00
Bachelor/Master/Doctoral 2352.00
Honorary Master 1009.00
Honorary PhD 1201.00
Honorary Doctorate 1201.00
University Patron 1507.00
Adjunct Professor 1205.00
Assistant Professor 1404.00
Full Professorship 1908.00
Academic Peer Advisor 2003.00
* Currency - USD

Interest FREE Educational Loan

You can get also Interest FREE Educational Loan (0%, 10 years, without mortgage !!!):


This loan will cover 80% of costs indicated above ! For example, your Master Degree will cost today only $ 310. Loan cover also costs of delivery. So your delivery will cost only $20. You total today's costs for obtaining Master Degree will be $310+$20=$330.

Please not if you got educational loan for this program you have pay this costs as WIRE TRANSFER ONLY ! 80% of costs will be wire transfer by lending institution directly to our Bank account and only 20% of total costs indicated in enrollment form you have wire transfer.

Graduation Package always included into all degrees.

Additional Items:

Must be included at time of original fee payment.

Two additional original transcripts in sealed University envelopes addressed “To Whom It May Concern”. To be included in graduation package.


One additional original degree to be included in the graduation package.


One additional complete set of original degree documents. Being a full additional graduation package.


Miscellaneous Items:

Maybe ordered at anytime if required.

Certified original transcript sent direct to 3rd party as instructed.


Replacement original degree.


Replacement full graduation package.



Shipping Charges:

All shipping is via DHL or Federal Express unless otherwise requested. All approved transactions are shipped within five working days of confirmation of receipt of payment.

Delivery Service


Federal Express


Global Express (DHL) International


Note: A discount of 9% is offered to all who pay by bank wire. Please send request here to get details for wire transfer.

For our Alumni wishing to pursue a second (or third) degree: 30% discount.


We replace at NO CHARGE to you any shipment damaged or lost. We will replace or correct any documents that printing errors or omissions with absolutely FREE.

If within three (3) days of receipt of your documents, you decide we have fallen short of your expectations, simply contact us via Email with details. We will adjust, credit, exchange or refund your fees.

A full refund is available for any reason within 5 days of payment.

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