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Accredited Degrees Program

for Bachelor, Master, MBA and Ph.D.
(earned through Prior Learning, Thesis & Assessment)

No classroom attendance or courses required!!!
No exams, no residency requirements!!!
You can live anywhere in the World for benefit from this offer!!!

Want to obtain associate's degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree, complete a certificate program but a busy schedule is preventing you from taking college or university courses? Well, now you can! This program is designed for everyone whatever their sex, age, race, social or ethnic background.

Our Mission

Glob Star Club Ltd together with our American business partner Sierra Business Corporation has been offering the most interesting and flexible Programs of United States and International Universities and Colleges (PUSIUC) (like Lincoln Collage & University and others) available since 1988. Choose from over 50 different occupation and career programs in fields like security, computers, high school, engineering, legal, management, mechanical, business, technology, travel, electrical/electronics, education, creative/design, administrative, building trades and more.

Did you know that you can earn an accredited assessment-based college or university degree in 30 days for previous academic and professional experience, without ever having to attend classes? We can help with it. Glob Star Club Ltd has been offering also a Prior Learning Degree Verification Service. Free help with CV, Resumes and Degrees. Do you have the knowledge of a college or university graduate, but no degree? Specialized process compares your skills to college or/and university curriculums. FREE EVALUATION!!! So, you can obtain qualify for a legal, accredited college or university degree in as little as 30 days based on your prior work and life experiences. Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees are available. It is not the same as receiving your degree based on education at a traditional college or university. You are not attending any classes. You are not doing any schoolwork. You are not sitting exams too. We are offering an alternative degree to anyone who qualify and do not wish to get a traditional college or/and university degree for whatever reason. United States and International Universities and Colleges Degree Program can provide new opportunities for independently-educated individuals. Experts in all parts of the world are increasingly aware that valuable knowledge can be achieved outside as well as inside college or university walls.

We are offering Programs of non-traditional United States and International Colleges & Universities a non-denominational, privately owned corporations are working as a non-traditional Internet organizations. They are considered non-traditional because unlike a traditional university it does not have a campus, classrooms, or resident students. It is an institution devoted to distance learning only. There is absolutely no residence requirement to earning your degree. Their work and its students is conducted entirely through electronic means using the e-mail, telephone and fax. They have registered a competent and well-qualified group of professors residing in virtually every part of the world. Additionally, some of them have regional offices and operations in USA, Asia, South Asia and elsewhere in the World.

The methods used to assess the qualifications of applicants are proprietary to the university and developed over a course of nearly 30 years. They are based upon factors commonly accepted and used by major human resource organizations when evaluating the knowledge gained by applicants from work and life experiences and how that knowledge is comparable to traditional college and university courses. United States and International Universities and Colleges don’t ask you to take any courses or to learn what you already know. You are simply will be evaluated on your previous knowledge and experience and granted college or university degree based on course equivalency credit. Many adults are able to qualify for a degree without any additional work. You have to know also that we do not conduct any potentially embarrassing investigations to verify the information you provide. You are asked to sign a statement that the information provided is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and that is accepted. Such honor system is used at a prestigious institutions Worldwide.

Applicants to succeed with Programs of United States and International Colleges & Universities are those who have significant work experience and knowledge gained from that background and/or college or university course work completed. We specialize in assessing adults with minimum 3 years work or academic experience. United States and International Universities and Colleges recognizes that most working people have gained the knowledge required for a collage or/and university degree through a combination of academic achievement and work and/or life experience. This knowledge earned through former military service, work experiences, corporate training, and other non-traditional and sometimes overlooked by people learning activities there are valuable addition to knowledge gained through traditional classroom settings.

Very often these people with the knowledge, but without the degree are denied the better job (and salary!), career development or promotion they deserve. United States and International Universities and Colleges are 100% sure this is wrong. And to right this wrong they developed a special program to see that these people can get the college and university degrees and recognition anywhere in the World. And they can obtain it quickly, easily and at low cost!

We also help you to obtain legalization (nostrification) of your degree in country where you reside if it is necessary for your job and other needs.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to Programs of United States and International Universities and Colleges. This program is not developed to meet any licensing requirement for any profession. We advises that you check with that licensing body or association to determine if a degree from Programs of United States and International Universities and Colleges is acceptable for them. We do not recommend also this program for those who are still continuing their education in others colleges and universities. If your desire is to attend a traditional college or/and university graduation you have to meet the requirements of that institution.


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