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Glob Star Club is international creative group including experts in sphere of quick development in all lines of business. Our specialist are people who has received practice and special training by the most enterprising businessman, that means by the richest men on the world. Club works as a limited liability company, incorporated in Poland, in Warsaw since 1988.

In Club are working experience experts, who have got rare, not published and not lectured in at any colleges knowledge. Club also has essential instruments, resources and technical means which are necessary and sufficient to provide services and to achieve planned goal - fast growth of turnovers and/or value of our customer company. Fast, that means in 2-3 months or 2-3 weeks, it depending on our customers business specification.

We provide our services by Internet or in customerís headquarter or (industrial plant), depending on our customer need.

Services are available in most countries on the world.

We use our customer native language in our communication.

Contact Information

Telephone +1-916-252-2123
FAX +1-916-252-2123
Postal address PO Box 14, 02-495, Warsaw, Poland
Electronic mail General Information: Order:

Universities Degrees Program (based on life experience and external study):


Distant extramural studies:

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