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We are sure most people are honest and so this may not apply to you. Please note that trying to deny a valid charge through your bank or credit card company is fraudulent and is illegal. When we receive such disputes, this is our standard dispute policy:
  1. IF YOU TRY TO DISPUTE or DENY a valid charge, your credit card or checking account along with your name and address will immediately be added to a negative database. The negative database is shared by thousands of merchants on the Internet, both large and small, and you will not be able to purchase goods or services from said merchants in the future.
  2. IF YOU TRY TO DISPUTE or DENY a valid charge, you will be sent an invoice for the disputed amount by certified postal mail. Copies will also be sent to your bank and credit card company. The invoice will include the following information:
    - The name of the site you ordered from
    - Your IP address from which you ordered
    - The date and time when the order was placed
    - The Original charge amount plus a $25 fee for dispute processing.
  3. If you do not pay the invoice within 30 days, a second invoice will be sent. The second invoice will include the following information:
    Access logs detailing when you accessed the site in question and what ISP you used to do so.
    Examples of any files and/or pictures of any information you accessed from our site. A complete list of orders placed.
  4. If the second invoice is not paid within 30 days, your file will be forwarded to one of the 17 collection agencies that we work with on all five continents. We provide a premium academic service and we proudly stand behind it.


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