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To all students

An essential part of Northfield University is our Academic office. Our purpose is to further the academic goals of both the University and the student. This involves:

1. facilitating communication between student and staff.

2. reviewing and updating policy to fit with the changing needs of both student and university administration.

3. providing a structured forum where students can voice complaints and give suggestions.

Furthermore, our sub departments are very involved in the technical functioning of the University. For example, you would contact us:

If you need a status letter (e.g. for the purposes of immigration).
If you wish to apply for a student loan.
If you wish to have transcripts or other official documents sent to an employer or school.

In addition, our Student Tracking department maintains the database relating to you and the program(s) for which you have registered. They monitor your progress throughout the program(s), and will alert you if it appears that any requirements have not been fulfilled. They are especially active in the organization and processing of the examinations and communication of exam results.

This is just a brief description of the many services the Academic Offices at Northfield provide. We hope to be of assistance throughout your long and fruitful relationship with Northfield University.

SSAS The Student Services Advice and Support Group offers assistance to all students of the University on practical issues that may affect them, from the registration process up until graduation. The service provided is completely confidential and impartial, and takes into consideration the differing needs that students from diverse backgrounds may have. The Group includes an International Students' Advisor who is available to give advice and direction throughout the planning and development stages of your educational career.

CCS The Career Counseling Service specifically focuses on the career options a student will or may currently have when pursuing the degree of his or her choice. It is a valuable service that helps students project where their degree can eventually bring them, taking into consideration the country in which each student plans on practicing. You are always welcome to use the information resources or to make an appointment to discuss career intentions with an adviser.

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