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Special Print Sizes Now Available! We now have the following special print sizes. You will receive a complimentary 8 1/2" x 11" diploma along with your special print size. Please allow an additional 3 to 5 days production time on all special print size orders.

13" x 19" only $99.00
11" x 17" only $79.00

Have you:

Been turned down for a new job?
Been turned down for a job promotion?
Been "locked out" of the pay range you deserve?
Been consistently overlooked in your career?

Has this been a result of not having the "credentials" that someone says you need?

Do you:

Have the skills to perform the work for that position but lack the paperwork?
Have on hand experience performing the work?
Have the background and references that show your ability to perform the work?
Have the training necessary to perform the work? Whether in a traditional classroom or not?

Would you like to:

Increase your salary?
Increase your promotability?
Increase your ability to find other work?
Increase your marketability ?

Your Solution:

Check out Lexington University's extensive program offering. Our offerings are designed specifically for the experienced, working professional.


Lexington University's primary objective is to provide professional, knowledgeable and experienced working adults with the credentials necessary to achieve their professional and personal goals. These credentials are awarded based on their own personal work experience, life experience, military experience, and their self-evaluation and self-assessment of their knowledge, experience and abilities.

Life Experience Degree - Work Experience Degree
Military Experience Degree - Self-Assessment Degree
Self-Evaluation Degree

Lexington University’s application process is simple, easy and quick, and is designed specifically to qualify each applicant. Our Board of Regents analyzes each and every applicant's Self-Assessment Portfolio of qualifications, experience, training and background in completing their review. In evaluation, your submission is reviewed based upon your Life Experience, Work Experience, Military Experience, Life and Work Experience, Self-Assessment and Self-Evaluation. Lexington’s Graduation Packages are available to each and every applicant and although there are no entry qualifications, interview requirements or other obstacles to admission, the following is taken into consideration when reviewing the Applicant’s Self-Assessment Portfolio and Order Form:

Prior personal experience, life experience, work experience,
military experience, self-assessment and self-evaluation.
Prior job experience and employment experience
Previous and concurrent educational achievements
Personal goals and career path
Participation in organizations, both professional and
personal, relating to the field of study

What Lexington University has to offer you is:

Life Experience Degree - Life & Work Experience Degree
Work Experience Degree - Military Experience Degree
Self-Assessment Degree - Self-Evaluation Degree Professional Degree
Life Experience High School Diploma - Work Experience High School Diploma
Career Degree - Career Diploma
Self-Assessment High School Diploma
Self-Evaluation High School Diploma

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