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International Teacher & Professorship Certificates

Discover new teaching, writing & speaking opportunities using your experience and knowledge to qualify for International Teacher or Professor Certificate.

Approval is based solely upon your experience and references.

No classes - No tests required.

If you have the knowledge and skill to teach a subject that will make our world a better place, you will be awarded the coveted IEM International Teacher or Professor Certificate.

Our world needs enthusiastic teachers and leaders in all fields and areas of expertise. Especially from educational pioneers with years of extremely valuable experience!

Because experiential education and knowledge is attained by means other than "sitting in a mainstream brick and mortar classroom for years and years", your pupils may gain more understanding and a deeper appreciation of your subject courses.

Benefits of Certification

International Teacher or Professor Certificate is available to higher quality candidates who are seeking educational positions that require credentials as leading-edge professionals.

Holding the
International Teacher & Professor Certificate could place participants a cut above those who are not certified.

Having more credentials may prove to be an advantage when competing for a career position.

International Teacher & Professor Certifications are available in:

Anthropology, Astronomy, Art, Business, Calligraphy, Counseling, Drama, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology,Religion, Sociology, Theology,Science, and more.

Requirements for Certification

Requirements the certificate include a minimum of two years of employment in the designated credential area, and a reference from an immediate supervisor, employer or colleague.

Certification or registration is valid for a one-year or five-year period. At the end of this period, you will pay the required fee for a renewal certificate. No further qualification is required for a renewal certificate.

Certificate Fees


Initial Certificate 1-year $200.00 (US)


Initial Certificate 5-years $450.00 (US)


Renewal Certificate (Valid for 1-year) $75.00 (US)


Renewal Certificate (Valid for 5-years) $250.00 (US)

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