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Interfaith Education Ministries (IEM) Certificates help holders of non-traditional or distance degrees gain the recognition they need to pursue their career and educational goals. 

IEM, founded in 1965 has become the leading international “third party” credential evaluation certificates

Individuals who hold degrees awarded through non-regionally accredited, distance or non-traditional institutions turn to IEM for certificates showing that their degrees are attested as to their equivalency to regionally accredited US degrees.

In many cases educational credentials may not be recognized by certain employers or other institutes without a certificate of evaluation and authentication by an international credential evaluation service, such as IEM.

Employers may also require the comparison of foreign credentials and qualifications with the US standard. IEM provides the certificate of evaluation, attestation, and confirmation of authenticity of academic credential to facilitate these needs.

IEM is highly experienced in providing certificates of the interpretation of degree credentials, professional licensure and other education attained by alternative methods to determine if they meet equivalency standards regionally accredited institutions in the United States. 

The IEM Report is objective, consistent, & reliable. 


IEM Evaluation Report Certificates provide support in career planning, employment searches, professional recognition, licensing, immigration, and more. 

IEM Evaluation Reports Certificates help licensing agents, employers, educational institutions and others to determine if the individual's credentials meet requirements. 

 IEM Evaluation Reports Certificates save time and money by eliminating the need for extensive resources and research time to complete individual evaluations.  


Official Reports


Official Report Certificates are printed on security paper, which do not copy. Official Report Certificates are required by most managers, employers, agencies and organizations. You may order additional (official copies) for $50 each.

Unlimited Certificate Copies Version


If you need to make copies, you may order the Unlimited Copies Version. This includes one Official Report Certificate and one unofficial Report that may be copied as many times as you wish.   


Degree Evaluation


$150 IEM Degree Evaluation Report Certificate - Official


$75.00 per Additional Official Copy of Degree Evaluation Report


$500.00 IEM Degree Evaluation Report Certificates Unlimited Copies Version 

Course Evaluation Certificate (Required for Education/VSC/TN-1)


$400.00 IEM Course By Course Evaluation Report  - Official

bullet$100.00 per Additional Official Copy of Course by Course Evaluation Report
bullet$600.00 IEM Course By Course Evaluation Report - Unlimited Copy Version


The IEM Report is widely accepted by private and public sector employers in the United States and Canada.  

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