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Accreditation Certificate For Distance & Non-traditional Universities

International Education Ministry Accreditation Association (IEMAA) is a Division of IEM.

Unlike associations of universities, colleges and/or schools, IEMAA provides a "third party" evaluation Certificate.

Upon qualification, IEMAA awards an accreditation Certificate to innovative institutes, including virtual and distance learning programs, non-traditional universities and colleges, religious and professional schools, seminaries etc.

To receive an accreditation Certificate by the International Education Ministry Accreditation Association (IEMAA), the organization must provide non-regionally accredited distance degree programs as the whole, or in part of any traditional offerings.

Qualification for an accreditation Certificate is influenced by research indicating acceptance by major corporations worldwide.

The number of individuals that have earned high ranking corporate positions using degrees acquired by the provider's distance or other non-traditional means is measured and analyzed to determine if the institution is turning out qualified applicants.

IEMAA welcomes recognition by Ministers of Education and/or Departments of Education from all countries. IEMAA is a private accrediting body not listed with any government agency or the U.S. Department of Education.

The Standards applied by IEMAA are:
bulletThe institution must not be regionally accredited.
bulletThe institution must be state/country registered and approved in its educational jurisdiction.
bulletThe institution agrees to comply with IEMAA quality standards of professional acceptance.
bulletThe institution must offer distance and/or non-traditional degree programs.
bulletThe institution must provide verifiable testimony from degree holders of their personal and career success as results of their graduation from the institution.
bulletThe institution must provide a full list of faculty members, including educational background.
bulletThe institution must provide any other documentation of good faith, reputation and ethical practices, as request by IEMAA.


Accredited institutions may freely use the name of the Interfaith Education Ministries for lawful purposes to advertise their offerings.

IEMAA may list and/or publish the names of all institutions which have been accredited.

Accreditation Certificate: $500 US.

For fastest service all certificates will be be shipped to you directly from the third-party printing company.

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