Our Adult and Continuing Education Department is now offering High School Diploma Certificates for work and life experience.

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:: No Books!

:: No Courses!

:: No Tests!

:: No Studying!

Get a College Degree in any Experienced Field!

Farington University believes experience does count.Our program is designed for working adults with a vast knowledge of experience both personal and professional.

Too Busy Working to Sit in a Classroom?

No problem. Farington University's non-residential Life Experience Degree and Certificate program can help adults like you who have special expertise or experience earn an Associate, Bachelor's or Master's degree without ever going back to school.

Our college degree program is available to all qualified applicants regardless of age, sex, marital status, or physical location. The only qualifications for a degree are that you have adequate work, life or military experience, or classroom education.

Farington University is a Registered and Accredited University

Associate Degree

Bachelor Degree

Master Degree

Doctorate Degree

Packages are available to each and every applicant and although there are no entry qualifications, interview requirements or other obstacles to admission, the following is taken into consideration when reviewing the Applicant’s Order Form:

Prior personal experience, life experience, work experience, military experience,

self-assessment and self-evaluation.
Prior job experience and employment experience
Previous and concurrent educational achievements
Personal goals and career path
Participation in organizations, both professional and
personal, relating to the field of study