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Turned down for job interviews ?

Turned down for promotions ?

Been overlooked in your career path?


Have the skills to perform the work for that position but lack the paperwork?

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:: No Books!

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:: Get a High School Diploma based on what you already know!

Through distance learning and the Internet, you can now earn your high school diploma, quickly and FROM HOME! As a highly praised provider of credit for previous education and common knowledge, Farington High School offers high school diplomas based on life and work experience.

The benefits of receiving a high school diploma from Farington High School are:

Your diploma will be 100% legal and verifiable.

No taking that dreaded GED test.

Receive your diploma in 10 days or less.

An affordable alternative to higher priced learning systems.

The truth is that most people are smarter than they give themselves credit for. We give

you the credit you deserve for the knowledge you already possess. Visit our Diploma Requirements page to see if you qualify to receive your high school diploma now.

Packages are available to each and every applicant and although there are no entry qualifications, interview requirements or other obstacles to admission, the following is taken into consideration when reviewing the Applicant’s Order Form:

Prior personal experience, life experience, work experience
military experience, self-assessment and self-evaluation.
Prior job experience and employment experience
Previous and concurrent educational achievements
Personal goals and career path
Participation in organizations, both professional and personal, relating to the field of study

In most cases you will receive your diploma within

7 days after receipt of your order and payment for your graduation package.Start on your personal path to success today........