On Friday the 13th of October, the HEP and Nuclear groups held a cheesecake extravaganza in our continuing effort to make new students feel hyperglycemic and generally happy to be on the 4th floor of Loomis. There was, however, a price to be paid: visitors were expected to complete (or skip over) the following quiz before they would find out where to come for cheesecakes:


Can you answer the following trick questions?

1. I would rather eat cheesecake than...
(a) ...work Jackson problems....... __true __yes
(b) ...(re)take the qual........... __yep __gak!
(c) ...grade lab notebooks......... __sure __eep!

2. I should have been a pair of ragged claws/ Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.
__yeah __nay __rather be a clam


We wrote up brief descriptions of the work done by the High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics groups, but most people were too busy with dessert to notice the handouts.

We made 24 cheesecakes, based on a recipe in "The Campus Survival Cookbook," J. Wood and J.S. Gilchrist, Morrow Publishers, New York (1973). Click here for the cheesecake recipe. By the end of the afternoon, 20 of the cheesecakes had been eaten.

Like to see pictures of the event? Click on a picture fragment or the underlined text to download a larger .GIF file (typically 55kB).

Our raw materials

Loading filling into crusts

Two dozen finished cheesecakes

Two people eating cheesecake

Dishing out cheesecakes

Eating cheesecake and talking physics

More of the same

Men with facial hair

Entirely without beards

With and without glasses



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A forkful of cheesecake

Two people towards the end of the afternoon