I've transcribed the dialogue in Apple's 1984 commercial announcing the Macintosh. The video is a 13.7 Meg .mov (quicktime) file. Click here to reach a page with links to it, as well as ads in which Apple slams DOS, and a few "Saturday Night Live" parodies of Apple commercials.

George Gollin, 1997

[In walk the drones]

"Today we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Directives.

[Apple's hammer-thrower enters, pursued by storm troopers.]

We have created for the first time in all history a garden of pure ideology, where each worker may bloom, secure from the pests of any contradictory true thoughts.

Our Unification of Thoughts is more powerful a weapon than any fleet or army on earth.

We are one people, with one will, one resolve, one cause.

Our enemies shall talk themselves to death and we will bury them with their own confusion.

[Hammer is thrown at the screen]

We shall prevail!


On January 24th Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984 won't be like '1984.'"

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