Deborah Errede

Research Associate Professor of Physics

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA




Deb East Patchogue, LI and Geoff, Ellen and Deb Point Reyes a long time ago.

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The energy frontier; search for Higgs particle(s) and validation of Higgs mechanism.

ATLAS's first collisions at 7 TeV

local UIUC ATLAS TileCal shift station

ANL ATLAS software/physics meeting

2. CDF

Measuring fundamental interactions and properties at the W, Z, and t-quark mass scales in p p interactions at 2.0 TeV center of mass beam energy, properties of B mesons.

Research in Experimental Particle Physics on the CDF experiment at Fermilab.


Developing ionization cooling of muon beams for use in neutrino factories and muon colliders which might look like*

Research and Development in Accelerator Physics

Schematic for a Neutrino Factory

Course Summer 2007

Physics 598ACC - Accelerators: Theory and Applications

course in 1999 mentioned in the ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletter, No. 20  August 1999

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