High Energy Physics Group

String Theory, Quantum Gravity and Field Theory

Our research group spans a broad range of topics in quantum field theory, quantum gravity, string theory, gauge theory, cosmology and gauge/gravity dualities. In general, the focus is on applications of quantum field theory and string theory to systems of physical interest in gravity and particle physics, and in recent years has seen increasing focus on basic quantum phenomena and entanglement, as they apply to these fields. The work builds on methods and results from recent years, and has been carefully chosen to address difficult physics questions of current interest to the research community. Many of the accomplishments of the past years, as well as proposed research, involve applications of gauge/gravity duality (often referred to as holography) to strongly-coupled field theories of interest in high-energy physics. In some cases, there has also been synergy with condensed matter theory and mathematics. Such synergy, although not the focus of research, is nevertheless important in that it affords methods to be brought back to make progress within high energy and gravitational physics.