High-Energy Photoproduction

We study charm particles produced by the interaction of high-energy photons on nuclear targets. We have reported on new measurements of charm lifetimes, photoproduction dynamics, hadronic and semileptonic decays, and excited state spectroscopy from our sample of 80,000 charm decays collected in the 1990/1991 run of Fermilab E687. The spectrometer is upgraded into Fermilab E831 and a new data set is collected during 1996/1997, which generated more than 1 million reconstructed charm mesons and baryons, an order of magnitude larger than the previous sample. We are in the process of analyzing the E831 data and already produced excited new results and phenomena in the charm mixing/lifetime and the semileptonic decay physics. The Illinois group have made major contributions to the experimental software, hardware, and data analysis in both experiments.

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