FOCUS/E687 contributions of the UI Group

The E687 Collaboration studied production and decay properties of heavy flavours produced in photon-hadron interactions. the experiment recorded approximately 500 million hadronic triggers in the 1990-91 fixed target run at Fermilab from which over 80 thousand charm decays were fully reconstructed. Our follow up experiment called E831(FOCUS), ran during the 1996-7 run, acquired more than 1 million charm mesons and baryons, an order of magnitude more data on charm decays using an considerably upgraded spectrometer. Currently we are in the active stage of analyzing the excellent FOCUS data set.

The University of Illinois group has played a major role in nearly all aspects of E687 and FOCUS.

Specific contributions of the UI group to E687 include:

Contributions of the UI group to FOCUS include, but not limited to:

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