Measurement of the Masses and Widths of L=1 Charm Mesons
by P.L. Frabetti et al.
Abstract. We report the measurement of masses and widths of the following L = 1 charm mesons by the E687 Collaboration at Fermilab - a D_{2}^{*0} state of mass (width) 2453+-3+-2 (25+-10+-5) MeV/c^2 decaying to D^{+}\pi^{-}, a D_{2}^{*+} state of mass (width) 2453+-3+-2 (23+-9+-5) MeV/c^{2} decaying to D^{0}\pi^{+}, a D_{1}^{0} state of mass (width) 2422+-2+-2 (15+-8+-4) MeV/c^{2} decaying to D^{*+}\pi^{-}, and a D_{s1}^{+} state of mass 2535.0+-0.6+-.0 MeV/c^{2} and width <3.2 {\rm MeV}/c^{2} at 90\% confidence level, decaying to D^{*+} K_{s}^{0} and D^{*0} K^{+}