LCRD-UCLC R&D projects
progress report 2.2 Beam Test Proposal of an Optical Diffraction Radiation Beam Size Monitor at the SLAC FFTB Accelerator Physics
Yasuo Fukui (650) 926-2146 UCLA KEK SLAC Tokyo Metropolitan Tomsk Polytechnic DOE
progress report 2.3 Design and Fabrication of a Radiation-Hard 500-MHz Digitizer Using Deep Submicron Technology Accelerator Physics
K.K. Gan (614) 292-4124 Ohio State SLAC DOE
progress report 2.4 RF Beam Position Monitors for Measuring Beam Position and Tilt Accelerator Physics
Yury Kolomensky (510)642-9619 UC Berkeley Notre Dame SLAC DOE
renewal 2.5 Non-intercepting electron beam diagnosis using diffraction radiation Accelerator Physics
Bibo Feng (615) 343-6446 Vanderbilt NSF
renewal 2.6 Electro-optic measurement of picosecond bunches in a bunch train Accelerator Physics
Bill Gabella (615) 343-2713 Vanderbilt NSF
renewal 2.7 Design for a Fast Synchrotron Radiation Imaging System for Beam Size Monitoring Accelerator Physics
Jim Alexander (607) 255-5259 Albany Cornell NSF
progress report 2.9 Radiation damage studies of materials and electronic devices using hadrons Accelerator Physics
David Pellett (530) 752-1783 UC Davis Fermilab SLAC DOE
new proposal 2.10 BACKGAMMMON: A Scheme for Compton Backscattered Photoproduction at the International Linear Collider Accelerator Physics
S. Mtingwa (336) 334-7423 NCA&T  
new proposal 2.11 Ground Motion studies at NuMI Accelerator Physics
Mayda Velasco (847) 467-7099 Northwestern  
progress report 2.15 Investigation of acoustic localization of rf cavity breakdown Accelerator Physics
George Gollin (217) 333-4451 Illinois SLAC DOE
progress report 2.18 Control of Beam Loss in High-Repetition Rate High-Power PPM Klystrons Accelerator Physics
Chiping Chen (617) 253-8506 Mission Research Corp MIT DOE
progress report 2.22 Investigation of Novel Schemes for Injection/Extraction Kickers Accelerator Physics
George Gollin (217) 333-4451 Cornell Fermilab Illinois DOE
progress report 2.25 Investigation and prototyping of fast kicker options for the TESLA damping rings Accelerator Physics
Gerry Dugan (607) 255-5744 Cornell DOE
new proposal 2.26 Continuing Research and Development of Linac and Final Doublet Girder Movers Accelerator Physics
David Warner (970) 491-1035 Colorado State SLAC  
progress report 2.27 Effects of CSR in Linear Collider Systems: A Progress Report Accelerator Physics
James Ellison (505) 277-4613 New Mexico DOE
progress report 2.30 Beam simulation: main beam transport in the linacs and beam delivery systems, beam halo modeling and transport, and implementation as a diagnostic tool for commissioning and operation Accelerator Physics
Dave Rubin (607) 255-3765 Cornell DOE
renewal 2.32 Supplementary Damping Systems for the International Linear Collider Accelerator Physics
S. Mtingwa (336) 334-7423 NCA&T NSF
renewal 2.34 Experimental, simulation, and design studies for linear collider damping rings Accelerator Physics
Gerry Dugan (607) 255-5744 Cornell Minnesota NSF
progress report 2.37 Demonstration of Undulator-Based Production of Polarized Positrons at FFTB at SLAC Accelerator Physics
William Bugg (865) 974-7799 Princeton South Carolina Tennessee DOE
progress report 2.40 Development of Polarized Photocathodes for the Linear Collider Accelerator Physics
Richard Prepost (608) 262-4905 SLAC Wisconsin DOE
new proposal 2.43 Investigation of acoustic localization of rf coupler breakdown Accelerator Physics
Jeremy Williams (217) 649-8481 University of Illinois SLAC  
new proposal 2.44 20-MW Magnicon for ILC Accelerator Physics
J.L. Hirshfield (203) 432-5428 Yale Budker Institute Omega-P Inc. #REF!  
new proposal 2.45 SCRF Low-Level RF (LLRF) Development for ILC-SMTF Accelerator Physics
Nigel Lockyer (215) 898-5806 University of Pennsylvania  
new proposal 2.46 Polarized Positron Sources Accelerator Physics
Mayda Velasco (847) 467-7099 Livermore Northwestern  
new proposal 2.47 Magnetic Investigation of High Purity Niobium for Superconducting RF Cavities Accelerator Physics
P. Lee (608)263-1760 Fermilab University of Wisconsin  
new proposal 2.48 3D Atom-Probe Microscopy on Niobium for SRF Cavities Accelerator Physics
D.N. Seidman (847) 491-4391 Argonne Fermilab Northwestern  
new proposal 2.49 Experimental Study of High Field Limits of RF Cavities Accelerator Physics
D.N. Seidman (847) 491-4391 Argonne Northwestern  
new proposal 2.50 Evaluation of MgB2 for Future Accelerator Cavities Accelerator Physics
V. Nesterenko (858) 822-0289 U.C. San Diego LANL  
new proposal 2.51 Investigation of Secondary Electron Emission from Nb Surfaces with Different Surface Treatments Accelerator Physics
Robert Schill (702) 895-1526 U.N. Las Vegas  
new proposal 2.52 Investigation of Plasma Etching for Superconducting RF Cavities surface Preparation Accelerator Physics
Leposava Vuskovic (757) 683-4611 Old Dominion University TJNAF  
renewal 3.1 A Fast Gas Cerenkov Calorimeter for Luminosity Measurement and Machine Monitoring Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
John Hauptman (515) 294-8572 Iowa State NIPT (Ukraine) Oregon Purdue SLAC Texas Tech DOE
new proposal 3.2 R&D for luminosity monitor Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
Yasar Onel (319) 335-1853 META (Turkey) INFN (Italy) Fairfield Iowa Bogazici (Turkey) Cukurova (Turkey)  
renewal 3.4 Extraction Line Energy Spectrometer Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
Eric Torrence (541) 346-4618 #REF! Oregon DOE
new proposal 3.5 A Demonstration of the Electronic and Mechanical Stability of a BPM-Based Energy Spectrometer for the International Linear Collider Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
Mike Hildreth (574) 631-6458 Notre Dame  
new proposal 3.6 Polarimetry at LC Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
Yasar Onel (319) 335-1853 Bogazici (Turkey) Cukurova (Turkey) Fairfield Iowa Iowa State Karlsruhe (Germany) META (Turkey)  
renewal 3.7 Compton polarimeter backgrounds Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
William Oliver (617) 627-5364 SLAC Tufts DOE
renewal 3.8 Incoherent and coherent beamstrahlung at the LC Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
Giovanni Bonvicini (313) 577-1444 Wayne State DOE
new proposal 3.9 Development of radiation hard, 3d-electrode array, silicon radiation sensors Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
Sherwood Parker (510) 841 2012 Hawaii  
new proposal 3.10 Beam-Diagnostic TPC (BDTPC) Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
Mike Ronan (510) 486-4396 Indiana LBNL Notre Dame  
renewal 4.1 Pixel Vertex Detector R&D for Future High Energy Linear e+ e- Colliders Vertex Detector
Charlie Baltay (203) 432-3386 Fermilab KEK Oklahoma Oregon Rutherford Lab SLAC Yale DOE
new proposal 5.1 Development and Evaluation of Forward Tracking in the Linear Collider Tracking
Michael Strauss (405) 325-3961 Oklahoma  
renewal 5.2 Development of a GEM based Forward Tracking Prototype for the ILC Tracking
Lee Sawyer (318) 251-2407 Louisiana Tech DOE
renewal 5.4 Studies of Gas Electron Multipliers for a Time Projection Chamber for the International Linear Collider Tracking
Peter Fisher (617) 253-8561 Harvard MIT DOE
progress report 5.5 Studies of the Use of Scintillating Fibers for an Intermediate Tracker which Provides Precise Timing and Bunch Identification: Progress Report and Request For Funds Tracking
Rick VanKooten (812) 855-2650 Fermilab Indiana Notre Dame DOE
new proposal 5.7 Development of a Micro Pattern Gas Detector Readout for a TPC Tracking
Dan Peterson (607) 255-8784 Cornell Purdue  
renewal 5.8 Linear Collider Tracker Simulation Studies and Alignment System R&D Tracking
Keith Riles (734) 764-4652 Michigan DOE
renewal 5.10 R& D Towards a Long Shaping-Time Silicon Strip Central Tracker Tracking
Bruce Schumm (831)-459-3034 UC Santa Cruz Fermilab LPNHE Paris DOE
new proposal 5.13 Continuation of Reconstruction Studies for the SiD Barrel Outer Tracker Tracking
Stephen Wagner (303) 735-6072 University of Colorado  
new proposal 5.14 Simulation Studies for a Silicon Tracker Tracking
Richard Partridge (401) 863-2634 Brown  
new proposal 5.15 Calorimeter-based Tracking for Particle Flow and Reconstruction of Long-lived Particles with SiD Detector Tracking
Eckhard von Toerne (785) 532-1644 Kansas State  
new proposal 5.16 TPC VLSI Readout R&D Tracking
Marco Battaglia (510) 486-7029 U.C. Berkeley U.C. Davis LBNL  
new proposal 5.17 Development of thin silicon sensors for tracking Tracking
Daniela Bortoletto (765) 494-5197 Purdue  
renewal 6.1 Design and Prototyping of a Scintillator-based Semi-Digital Hadron Calorimeter Calorimetry
Vishnu Zutshi (815) 753-3080 University of Colorado DESY Fermilab ITEP NIU Pavia DOE
renewal 6.2 Calorimetry R&D at Colorado: Progress Report of Work in 2004 and Proposed Work for 2005, 2006, 2007 Calorimetry
Uriel Nauenberg (303) 492-7715 Colorado Fermilab DOE
renewal 6.4 Particle Flow Studies with the Silicon Detector (SiD) at the International Linear Collider (ILC) Calorimetry
Usha Mallik (319) 335-0499 Iowa DOE
renewal 6.5 Development of a silicon-tungsten test module for an electromagnetic calorimeter Calorimetry
Raymond Frey (541) 346-5873 Oregon SLAC DOE
renewal 6.6 Digital Hadron Calorimetry for the Linear Collider using GEM based Technology Calorimetry
Andy White (817) 272-2812 UT Arlington University of Washington DOE
renewal 6.9 Development of Particle-Flow Algorithms and Simulation Software for the ILC Detector(s) Calorimetry
Dhiman Chakraborty (630) 840-8569 Argonne Fermilab Iowa NIU Oregon SLAC U.T. Arlington DOE
new proposal 6.10 Investigation of ECAL Concepts Designed for Particle Flow Calorimetry
Graham Wilson (785) 864-5231 Kansas  
new proposal 6.14 Construction of a Prototype Hadronic Calorimeter with Digital Readout Calorimetry
Josť Repond (630) 252-7554 ANL Boston University Chicago Fermilab Iowa  
new proposal 6.16 Dual-Readout Calorimetry for the ILC Calorimetry
Richard Wigmans (806) 742-3779 U.C. San Diego Iowa State Texas Tech  
new proposal 6.17 Ultimate Hadron Calorimetry Calorimetry
Richard Wigmans (806) 742-3779 U.C. San Diego Iowa State Texas Tech  
renewal 7.2 Scintillator Based Muon System R&D: 3-Year Proposal Muon System
Paul Karchin (313) 577-5424 UC Davis Fermilab Northern Illinois Notre Dame Rice Wayne State UT Austin DOE
renewal 7.5 Continuing Studies of Geiger-Mode Avalanche Photodiodes for Linear Collider Detector Muon System Readout Muon System
Robert J. Wilson (970) 491-5033 Colorado State DOE
new proposal 7.6 Design and Prototyping of a Scintillator-based Tail-catcher/Muon Tracker Muon System
Vishnu Zutshi (815) 753-3080 Colorado State DESY Fermilab NIU Pavia Wayne State