renewal 2.2 Beam Test Proposal of an Optical Diffraction Radiation Beam Size Monitor at the SLAC FFTB Accelerator Physics
Yasuo Fukui (650) 926-2146 UCLA KEK SLAC Tokyo Metropolitan Tomsk Polytechnic DOE
progress report 2.3 Design and Fabrication of a Radiation-Hard 500-MHz Digitizer Using Deep Submicron Technology Accelerator Physics
K.K. Gan (614) 292-4124 Ohio State SLAC DOE
progress report 2.4 RF Beam Position Monitors for Measuring Beam Position and Tilt Accelerator Physics
Yury Kolomensky (510) 642-9619 UC Berkeley Notre Dame SLAC DOE
renewal 2.7 Fast Synchrotron Radiation Imaging System for Beam Size Monitoring Accelerator Physics
Jim Alexander (607) 255-5259 Albany Cornell NSF
progress report 2.9 Radiation damage studies of materials and electronic devices using hadrons Accelerator Physics
David Pellett (530) 752-1783 UC Davis Fermilab SLAC DOE
progress report 2.18 Control of Beam Loss in High-Repetition Rate High-Power PPM Klystrons Accelerator Physics
Chiping Chen (617) 253-8506 MIT DOE
progress report 2.22 Investigation of Novel Schemes for Injection/Extraction Kickers Accelerator Physics
George Gollin (217) 333-4451 Cornell Fermilab Illinois DOE
progress report 2.25 Investigation and prototyping of fast kicker options for the TESLA damping rings Accelerator Physics
Mark Palmer (607) 255-4240 Cornell Illinois DOE
new proposal 2.26 Continuing Research and Development of Linac and Final Doublet Girder Movers Accelerator Physics
David Warner (970) 491-1035 Colorado State SLAC  
progress report 2.27 Effects of CSR in Linear Collider Systems: A Progress Report Accelerator Physics
James Ellison (505) 277-4613 New Mexico New Mexico State SLAC DOE
progress report 2.30 Beam simulation: main beam transport in the linacs and beam delivery systems, beam halo modeling and transport, and implementation as a diagnostic tool for commissioning and operation Accelerator Physics
Dave Rubin (607) 255-3765 Cornell SLAC DOE
renewal 2.34 Experimental, simulation, and design studies for linear collider damping rings Accelerator Physics
D. Sagan (607) 255-0918 Cornell Minnesota DESY SLAC KEK LBNL NCA&T NSF
progress report 2.37 Demonstration of Undulator-Based Production of Polarized Positrons at FFTB at SLAC Accelerator Physics
William Bugg (865) 974-7799 Princeton South Carolina Tennessee DOE
progress report 2.40 Development of Polarized Photocathodes for the Linear Collider Accelerator Physics
Richard Prepost (608) 262-4905 SLAC Wisconsin DOE
progress report 2.44 20-MW Magnicon for ILC Accelerator Physics
J.L. Hirshfield (203) 432-5428 Budker Institute Omega-P Inc. Yale  
new proposal 2.45 Real Time Simulator for ILC RF and CryoModules Accelerator Physics
Nigel Lockyer (610) 715-3120 University of Pennsylvania Fermilab  
new proposal 2.47 Magnetic Investigation of High Purity Niobium for Superconducting RF Cavities Accelerator Physics
P. Lee (608) 263-1760 Fermilab Wisconsin  
new proposal 2.48 3D Atom Probe Microscopy on Niobium for SRF Cavities Accelerator Physics
D.N. Seidman (847) 491-4391 Argonne Fermilab Northwestern  
new proposal 2.49 Experimental Study of High Field Limits of RF Cavities Accelerator Physics
D.N. Seidman (847) 491-4391 Argonne Northwestern  
new proposal 2.52 Investigation of Plasma Etching for Superconducting RF Cavities Surface Preparation Accelerator Physics
Leposava Vuskovic (757) 683-4611 Old Dominion University TJNAF  
new proposal 2.53 Generation, Measurement and Transport of Flat Beams Accelerator Physics
Santiago Bernal (301) 405 7292 Maryland  
new proposal 2.54 Relationships between deformation and microstructure evolution and minimizing surface roughness after BCP processing in RRR Nb cavities Accelerator Physics
Tom Bieler (517) 353-9767 Michigan State Fermilab Texas A&M  
new proposal 2.55 Photonic Band Gap Higher-Order Mode Coupler for International Linear Collider Accelerator Physics
Chiping Chen (617) 253-8506 MIT  
new proposal 2.56 Half-Reentrant SRF Cavity Development for the ILC Accelerator Physics
Terry Grimm (517) 333-6455 Michigan State  
new proposal 2.57 Circular Waveguide Power Coupler and HOM Damper for the ILC Accelerator Physics
Terry Grimm (517) 333-6455 Michigan State  
new proposal 2.58 Mandrels For Electroformed Superconducting Cavities For The International Linear Collider Accelerator Physics
Lou Hand (607) 255-6023 Cornell  
new proposal 2.59 Beam Size Monitors for the ILC Damping Rings and LET ILC Synchrotron Light Monitors Accelerator Physics
David Hitlin (626) 395-6694 Caltech SLAC  
new proposal 2.60 Research and development for electropolishing of niobium for ILC accelerator cavities Accelerator Physics
Michael J. Kelley (757) 269-5736 William & Mary Virginia Tech TJNAF  
new proposal 2.61 Development of a Helical Undulator for ILC Positron Source Accelerator Physics
Alexander Mikhailichenko (607) 255-3785 Cornell Daresbury  
new proposal 2.62 Study of Space Charge Effects in the International Linear Collider Damping Rings Accelerator Physics
Sekazi Mtingwa (336) 334-7423 NCA&T LBNL  
new proposal 2.63 Modular DAQ Instrumentation for the ILC Accelerator Physics
Satish Dhawan (203) 432-3377 Yale  
new proposal 2.64 Longitudinal phase space monitors for the ILC injectors and bunch compressors Accelerator Physics
Philippe Piot (815) 753 6468 Northern Illinois Argonne Fermilab  
new proposal 2.65 Time-dependent electron/positron transverse bunch properties measurements Accelerator Physics
Philippe Piot (815) 753 6468 Northern Illinois Argonne  
new proposal 2.66 Design Studies for Converting CESR to a Damping Ring Test Facility Accelerator Physics
Dave Rubin (607) 255-3765 Cornell SLAC KEK LBNL Royal Holloway  
new proposal 2.67 Stability, Matching and Sensitivity of Flat Beams Accelerator Physics
Eugenio Schuster (610) 758-5253 Lehigh Maryland  
new proposal 2.68 DC Field Emission Studies from Isolated Niobium Nanoparticles and Arrays Accelerator Physics
Bellave S. Shivaram (434) 924-6818 Virginia  
new proposal 2.69 Weld-Free Multi-Cell SRF cavity Development for the ILC Accelerator Physics
Richard York (517) 333-6325 Michigan State  
renewal 3.1 A Fast Gas Cerenkov Calorimeter for Luminosity Measurement and Machine Monitoring Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
John Hauptman (515) 294-8572 Iowa State NIPT (Ukraine) Purdue SLAC Texas Tech DOE
new proposal 3.2 R&D for luminosity monitor Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
Yasar Onel (319) 335-1853 METU (Turkey) INFN (Italy) Fairfield Iowa Bogazici (Turkey) Cukurova (Turkey)  
renewal 3.4 Extraction Line Energy Spectrometer Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
Eric Torrence (541) 346-4618 Oregon SLAC DOE
renewal 3.5 A Demonstration of the Electronic and Mechanical Stability of a BPM-Based Energy Spectrometer for the International Linear Collider Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
Mike Hildreth (574) 631-6458 Notre Dame SLAC University College London Cambridge Oxford  
new proposal 3.6 Polarimetry at LC Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
Yasar Onel (319) 335-1853 Bogazici (Turkey) Cukurova (Turkey) Fairfield Iowa Iowa State Karlsruhe (Germany) METU (Turkey)  
renewal 3.7 Compton polarimeter backgrounds Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
William Oliver (617) 627-5364 SLAC Tufts DOE
renewal 3.8 Incoherent and coherent beamstrahlung at the LC Luminosity, Energy, Polarization
Giovanni Bonvicini (313) 577-1444 Wayne State DOE
renewal 4.1 Pixel Vertex Detector R&D for Future High Energy Linear e+ e- Colliders Vertex Detector
Charlie Baltay (203) 432-3386 Oregon Yale DOE
new proposal 4.2 Design of a Monolithic Pixel Detector Module Vertex Detector
Marco Battaglia (510) 486-7029 U.C. Berkeley LBNL  
new proposal 4.4 Vertex Detector Mechanical Structures Vertex Detector
Henry Lubatti (206) 543-8964 Fermilab SLAC Washington  
new proposal 4.5 Pixel-level Sampling CMOS Vertex Detector for the ILC Vertex Detector
Gary Varner (808) 956-2987 Hawaii Tokyo Institute of Nuclear Physics (Poland) KEK Pittsburg Nova Gorca Polytechnic (Slovenia) FNAL  
renewal 5.2 Development of Forward Tracking and GEM-based Tracking Prototypes for the ILC Tracking
Lee Sawyer (318) 251-2407 Louisiana Tech Indiana DOE
renewal 5.7 Development of a Micro Pattern Gas Detector Readout for a TPC Tracking
Dan Peterson (607) 255-8784 Cornell Purdue  
renewal 5.8 Linear Collider Tracker Alignment System R&D and Simulation Studies Tracking
Keith Riles (734) 764-4652 Michigan DOE
renewal 5.10 Long Shaping-Time Silicon Microstrip Readout Tracking
Bruce Schumm (831) 459-3034 UC Santa Cruz DOE
renewal 5.13 Continuation of Reconstruction Studies for the SiD Barrel Outer Tracker Tracking
Stephen Wagner (303) 735-6072 Colorado  
renewal 5.15 Calorimeter-based Tracking for Particle Flow and Reconstruction of Long-lived Particles with SiD Detector Tracking
Eckhard von Toerne (785) 532-1644 Kansas State Fermilab SLAC Iowa Northern Illinois Bonn (Germany)  
renewal 5.17 Development of thin silicon sensors for tracking Tracking
Daniela Bortoletto (765) 494-5197 Purdue  
new proposal 5.18 Development of Bulk Micromegas with ASIC Readout Tracking
Michael Gold (505) 277-2616 LBNL New Mexico Occidental  
new proposal 5.19 TPC signal digitization simulation and reconstruction studies Tracking
Dan Peterson (607) 255-8784 Cornell  
renewal 6.1 Design and Prototyping of a Scintillator-based Hadron Calorimeter Calorimetry
Vishnu Zutshi (815) 753-3080 Colorado DESY Fermilab ITEP Northern Illinois Pavia DOE
renewal 6.2 Study of the Performance of a Scintillator Based Electromagnetic/Hadronic Calorimeter and Study of the BeamCal Calorimetry
Uriel Nauenberg (303) 492-7715 Colorado DOE
renewal 6.4 Particle Flow Studies with the Silicon Detector (SiD) at the International Linear Collider (ILC) Calorimetry
Usha Mallik (319) 335-0499 Iowa DOE
renewal 6.5 Development of a silicon-tungsten test module for an electromagnetic calorimeter Calorimetry
Raymond Frey (541) 346-5873 Oregon SLAC U.C. Davis BNL LAPP - Annecy DOE
renewal 6.6 Digital Hadron Calorimetry for the Linear Collider using GEM based Technology Calorimetry
Andy White (817) 272-2812 UT Arlington Washington DOE
renewal 6.9 Development of Particle-Flow Algorithms and Simulation Software for the ILC Detector(s) Calorimetry
Dhiman Chakraborty (630) 840-8569 Argonne Fermilab Iowa Northern Illinois Oregon SLAC Kansas DOE
renewal 6.10 Investigation of ECAL Concepts Designed for Particle Flow Calorimetry
Graham Wilson (785) 864-5231 Kansas  
renewal 6.14 Construction of a Prototype Hadronic Calorimeter with Digital Readout Calorimetry
Josť Repond (630) 252-7554 Argonne Boston University Chicago Fermilab Iowa  
renewal 6.16 Dual-Readout Calorimetry for the ILC Calorimetry
Richard Wigmans (806) 742-3779 U.C. San Diego Iowa State Texas Tech INFN Trieste Pavia Rome Cosenza (Italy)  
new proposal 6.18 Development of a New Concept Detector [also includes vertex, tracking and muon systems] Calorimetry
John Hauptman (515) 294-8572 Iowa State Lecce (Italy) IFIN-HH Bucharest  
new proposal 6.19 Calorimeter and Muon ID Calorimetry
A.J.S. Smith (609) 258-5590 IHEP Beijing Princeton  
new proposal 6.20 A Calorimeter based on Scintillator and Cherenkov Radiator Plates Readout by SiPMs Calorimetry
Tianchi Zhao (206) 543-936 Washington  
new proposal 6.21 Modular DAQ Development for the ILC SiD Calorimetry
Satish Dhawan (203) 432-3377 Yale  
new proposal 6.22 Design and Prototyping of a Scintillator-based Tail-catcher/Muon Tracker Calorimetry
G. Blazey (815) 753-6480 Northern Illinois DESY Fermilab Colorado State Wayne State Pavia  
renewal 7.2 Scintillator Based Muon System R&D: Status Report Muon System
Paul Karchin (313) 577-5424 Indiana Northern Illinois Notre Dame Wayne State DOE
renewal 7.5 Continuing Studies of Geiger-Mode Avalanche Photodiodes for Linear Collider Detector Muon System Readout Muon System
Robert J. Wilson (970) 491-5033 Colorado State DOE
new proposal 7.7 Particle Identification Issues for Linear Collider Detectors Muon System
Robert J. Wilson (970) 491-5033 Colorado State