Linear Collider R&D Group at Fermilab

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About the LC R&D Group at Fermilab
  • Introduction

  • Latest news

  • Learning about the LC: regularly scheduled meetings at Fermilab with a significant pedagogical component .

  • Institutions participating in this (LCR&D-FNAL) group.

  • Tentative R&D interests for a number of groups, not just those with a Fermilab base. This list is in flux and will probably include:

    • accelerator topics of interest to LCR&D-FNAL, LCR&D-SLAC, and UCLC groups

    • detector topics of interest to LCR&D-FNAL and LCR&D-SLAC groups

  • Web site from our initial meeting (Fermilab, April 5th, 2002)

Other regional U.S. organizations and consortia
Accelerator and detector systems working groups
Major workshops and conferences

Contact persons:
Dan Amidei (co-chair), University of Michigan, (734) 764-3266
George Gollin (co-chair), University of Illinois, (217) 333-4451
Marcela Carena, Fermilab
Gene Fisk, Fermilab
David Gerdes, University of Michigan
Young-Kee Kim, University of California, Berkeley
Andreas Kronfeld, Fermilab
Slawomir Tkaczyk, Fermilab
Rick VanKooten, Indiana University