Donna L. Guzy

Hope you enjoy my home page and its links.


I've lived in Illinois all my life. My travels haven taken me from San Diego, CA to Laurel, MD and enjoyed almost every trip in between. Of course, visits to Colorado are also close to my heart. If you're wondering why Caryn and Brian move so much check out this picture, taken from the deck of the USS Richard Bon-Homme. Caryn spent a year at home with her Grammie Lu and me while her husband was deployed to Iraq. He's home safely and they're on to their next duty station in San Antonio, TX.

The High Energy Physics Group (HEPG) at the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign is where I spend my days. I've been at the University of Illinois for twenty seven years. Spending most of my time on the engineering campus. The Coordinated Science Lab was a unit I spent eight years with and made some wonderful friendships. They celebrated 50 years of excellence in 2001.

My son Phil is a freelance artist and illustrator of such books as the New Atlas of Human Anatomy, which you can find at Barnes & Noble. Enjoy some of his paintings. Here are two pictures that hang in my office in 441 Loomis and are also for sale (support the starving artist). Or contact him. Phil did the art work for the advertising poster for the Urbana Park District summer (2004) musical production, Kala, thank you Phil!

My favorite hobbies include scrapbooking and piece quilting. I am hand quilting this quilt. It's taking me a while! I've finished piecing my first quilt and have begun my second. Now to tackle quilting the first, do I hand or machine quilt. My favorite local fabric store... JoAnn Fabrics, they got me hooked on quilting with their quilt block of the month. In July I went on the Quilt Shop Hop with several friends and found new quilt shops in central Illinois from Rantoul (NEEDLE & I, on the old base) to Mattoon. I am really looking forward to the Shop Hop again this year. Already have gone to the Chicago quilt show held at the Rosemont. Then on to the BIG show at the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah, KY. What wonderful fabric I found at Hancocks of Paducah and we only had one hour to spend in that wonderful store or miss the bus. Except on Sundays after church my favorite thing to do is go to the show and see the latest release and eat popcorn.

I am now an alumni of Psi Iota Xi, a sorority for women, 18 and older, and interested in supporting our local grade/high school and libraries. In 2005, I was voted Psi Ote of the year for our chapter, thank you ladies for this honor. Through fund raising we can help keep programs which might otherwise be cut completely going. And add books to our local libraries which they might not be able to afford with the State of Illinois "budget crisis". Cheeseballs, Beef House rolls/jam, and frozen dough (cookie and pastry) are some of the fundraising we do. Psi Iota Xi Soroity was founded in Muncie, IN in 1897 - the first organization of its kind in Indiana and has grown to approximately 150 chapters with approximately 5,000 active members in Illinois, Indiana, kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. Contact me,, if you'd like to hear more or join us.

Sure am looking FORWARD toward retirement. God willing I'll get to enjoy it.

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