Spring 2006 HETEP Schedule
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Week When Speaker Institution Title (topic in bracket if tentative)
1 Jan 23 Rob Leigh UIUC Solving Pure Yang-Mills Theory in 2+1 Dimensions
2 Jan 30 Catalin Ciobanu UIUC Searches for single top production at CDF.
3 Feb 6 Salman Habib LANL Primordial Fluctuations and Inflation: How to go Forward and Backward
4 Feb 13 rescheduled    
5 Feb 20 David Asner Carleton Charm School for Physicists: On the Impact of CLEO-c Results
6 Feb 27 Tim Stelzer UIUC Tools for the Simulation of Hard Hadronic Collisions
7 Mar 6 Daniel McKinsey Yale The search for WIMP dark matter.
8 Mar 13 Joe Mohr UIUC (Dark Energy Survey)
9 Mar 27 George Gollin UIUC (ILC)
10 Apr 3 Masahiro Morii Harvard B physics beyond CP violation: Semileptonic B decays.
11 Apr 10 Angela Olinto Chicago (Pierre Auger)
12 Apr 17 Mattias Perdecamp UIUC
First Measurement of the Collins Fragmentation Function in e+e- Annihilation at Belle.
13 Apr 24 Steve Errede UIUC Status of the ATLAS - LHC Experiment
14 May 1 Jim Brau Univ. of Oregon Electroweak Physics and the International Linear Collider