Fall 2006 HETEP Schedule

When Speaker Institution Title
Sept 11 Patrick Fox Lawrence Berkeley Lab Visible Cascade Higgs Decays to Four Photons at Hadron Colliders
Sept 18 Soren Wiesenfeldt UIUC  Proton Decay and CP Violation in a 6D SO(10) GUT model
Sept 25 No Seminar    
Oct 2 Kevin Pitts UIUC Measurement of the Bs-Bsbar Oscillation Frequency
Oct 9 Eric James FNAL  Collider Searches for Extra Dimensions
Oct 16 David Gerdes University of Michigan The Dark Energy Survey Experiment
Oct 23 Raghvendra Srikanth SLAC Bilarge neutrino mixing and lepton number violation in supersymmetric models
Oct 30 Olga Norniella  Barcelona Inclusive jet production studies at the Tevatron using the CDF detector
Nov 6 Yuri Gershtein Florida State Status of SUSY Searches at D0
Nov 13 Ryuichiro Kitano SLAC Dynamical GUT breaking and mu-term driven SUSY breaking
Nov 20 THANKSGIVING NO seminar  
Nov 27 Trevor Vickey Univ. of Wisconsin  Higgs Boson Discovery Potential with the ATLAS Experiment at the LHC
Dec 4 Dan Hooper FNAL Studying Supersymmetry With Dark Matter Experiments