Spring 2007 HETEP Schedule
When Speaker Institution Title
Jan 22 Vadim Rusu University of Chicago Beyond the Horizons: A Quest for New Physics
Jan 29 Kevin Lannon FNAL / Ohio State Search for New Phenomena in the CDF Top Quark Sample
Feb 5 Catalin Ciobanu FNAL / Illinois Search for Single Top Quark Production at CDF
Feb 12 Mark Neubauer FNAL / Univ. of California, San Diego First Observation of WZ Production and the Search for ZZ at CDF
Feb 19 David Asner Carleton University On the Future of Flavor Physics
Feb 26 Ivan Furic University of Chicago Matter - Antimatter Oscillations at 3 Trillion Hertz
Feb 28 Brendan Casey Brown University Searching for New Physics in Beauty and Charm
Mar 5 Veronique Boisvert University of Rochester The Top Quark: A "Charged" Topic
Mar 12      
Mar 26      
April 2 Elvira Gamiz Sanchez University of Illinois Calculation of |V_us| and m_s from hadronic tau decays
April 9 Scott Willenbrock  University of Illinois  Single Top and Higgs at the Tevatron
April 16      
Wed., April 25
Med. Energy/HETEP
4:00 - 464 LLP
Chris Polly University of Notre Dame Details of the MiniBooNE Oscillation Result
April 30  Amir Rahimi  Ohio State University  Recent Results in Charm Mixing