The University of Illinois HETEP Seminar

The High Energy Theoretical/Experimental Physics Seminar

Mondays at 4:00pm
Room 144 of Loomis Lab
1110 West Green Street, Urbana

(New and improved!) Cookies will be served in Loomis 437 at 3:45pm.
(Please bring your own liquids.)
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We are in the Department of Physics at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, which is about 200 km south of Chicago. Need directions? Look down there.

Spring 2000 Schedule
January 24 The CDF Upgrade: Status and Physics Opportunities
by Kevin Pitts (UIUC)
January 31 Superbowl Recap
by O.J. Simpson
February 7 SLAC Measurements of the Spin Structure of the Nucleon
by Robin Erbacher (Stanford)
February 10
Time: 2pm
Search for D-Dbar Mixing at CLEO II.V
by David Asner (UC Santa Barbara)
February 14 Single Top Production via the Weak Interaction
by Scott Willenbrock (UIUC)
February 21 Present and future of neutrino physics with long baseline beams
by Mario Campanelli (ETH-Zurich)
February 28 Exploring new electroweak interactions for the third generation
by Elizabeth Simmons (Boston University)
March 1
Time: 4pm
Higgs Searches at LEP
by Steve Armstrong (University of Wisconsin)
March 6 Future Accelerator R&D at Fermilab
by Steve Holmes (FNAL)
March 7
(Tuesday) Time: noon
What's Nu with Muons
by Dan Kaplan (IIT)
March 13 Spring Break
no seminar
March 20 Extracting V_ub from Inclusive B Decays
by Adam Falk (Johns Hopkins)
March 27 Results from SELEX
by Peter Cooper (FNAL)
April 3 Physics with a Neutrino Factory
by Heidi Schellman (Northwestern)
April 7
Time: 2pm
The Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
by Angela Olinto (University of Chicago)
April 10 Low Energy Supersymmetry and Higgs Physics
by Carlos Wagner (Argonne and U. of Chicago)
April 17 Summary of B_s Mixing Measurements
by Stephane Willocq (University of Massachusetts)
April 24 New Physics and Isospin Violation in Hadronic B Decays
Alex Kagan (University of Cincinnati)

CANCELLED due to circumstances beyond our control.

May 1 Recent FOCUS Results on Charm Mixing and CP Violation
by Jim Wiss (UIUC)

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