The University of Illinois HETEP Seminar

The High Energy Theoretical/Experimental Physics Seminar is held on Mondays at 4:00pm in room 144 of Loomis Lab, 1110 West Green Street, Urbana.

Since most of the HEP group works on the 4th floor, cookies will be served in Loomis 437 at 3:45. (Please bring your own coffee.)

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We are in the Department of Physics at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, which is about 200 km south of Chicago.

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Winter/Spring '98 Schedule

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All HETEPs are Monday, 4 pm in Loomis Lab room 144, unless stated otherwise.

Monday January 26: Professor Peter Meyers, Princeton University
Evidence for K+ -> pi+ nu anti-nu

NOTE Special day, time and room:
Tuesday January 27, 12PM, Room 358: Dr. Rob Szalapski, KEK, Japan
One-loop SUSY helicity amplitudes for e+ e- ---> W+ W- with BRS tests

Monday February 2: Dr. Shoji Hashimoto, Fermilab
B K and f B from Lattice QCD

Monday February 9: Professor Michael Turner, University of Chicago
In Hot Pursuit of Dark Matter

Monday February 16: Dr. Prem Singh, UIUC
Search for the Bc Meson at CDF

Monday February 23: Professor Fred Olness, Fermilab and Southern Methodist University
Heavy Quark Production in QCD

Monday March 2: Dr. Joel Butler, Fermilab
BTev Project at Fermilab

Monday March 9: Professor John Lajoie, Iowa State University, Des Moines
Baby Pictures of the Universe:
Studying the Nature of Matter at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider RHIC

Monday March 16: Dr. Danny Krakauer, ANL, Argonne
Deep Inelastic Scattering at the Highest Q-squared at Zeus

Monday March 30

Monday April 6: Dr. Gustavo Burdman, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Electroweak Dynamics in Rare B and K Decays

Monday April 13: Dr. Michael Schmitt, Harvard University, Cambridge
SUSY Searches at LEP and Implications for Neutralino Dark Matter

Monday April 20: Mr David Rainwater, University of Wisconsin MadisonStandard Model Higgs via Weak Boson Fusion at the LHC

Monday April 27: Professor Gail Hanson, OPAL/LEP, Indiana University, Bloomington
Higgs and SUSY searches at LEP

Monday May 4: Professor Daniel Akerib, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
WIMPs in Cryodetector

NOTE Special seminar:
Monday May 18: Dr Andrew Liddle, University of Sussex, UK
The Formation of Semilocal Strings

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