Fall 2002 HETEP Schedule

All seminars are Monday @ 4 PM in room 144 Loomis, unless otherwise noted.
Sept. 9

141 Loomis

MillerComm Colloquium

"Is Climate Change Too Uncertain for Policy?"

Stephen H. Schneider, Stanford

Sept. 16

"Charm Semileptonic Decay"

Jim Wiss, UIUC

Sept. 23

"Measuring & Interpreting the Anomalous

Magnetic Moment of the Muon"

Fred Gray, UIUC

Sept. 27

137 LLP 11AM

"Little Higgses from an Antisymmetric Condensate" Witold Skiba, MIT

Sept. 30

"Physics with a Photon Collider"

Stefan Soldner-Rembold, Fermilab

Oct. 7

"Puzzles in Hyperon, Charm and Beauty Physics"

Harry Lipkin, Fermilab

Oct. 14


Oct. 21

"Measuring the Triple Higgs Coupling at Future Hadron colliders"

Ulrich Baur

Oct. 28

"Neutrino Oscillation Results from the Sudbury neutrino Observatory"

Scott Oser, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Nov. 4


Nov. 11

"The MINOS Experiment"

Jeff Nelson, Fermilab

Nov. 18

"Searches for New Physics/Phenomena at CDF"

Hyunsoo Kim, UIUC

Dec. 2

"Search for Single Top Production at CDF"

Catalin Ciobanu, UIUC

Dec. 9

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