The University of Illinois HETEP Seminar

The High Energy Theoretical/Experimental Physics Seminar

Mondays at 4:00pm
Room 144 of Loomis Lab
1110 West Green Street, Urbana

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(Please bring your own liquids.)
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We are in the Department of Physics at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, which is about 200 km south of Chicago. Need directions? Look down there.

Fall 2000 Schedule
Aug. 28
"Highlights from the Summer Conferences"
by V. Jejjla, D. Kim, K. Pitts, & S. Willenbrock
Sept. 1 "Abelian Flavor Symmetries: What Neutrinos Can Tell Us"
by Yael Shadmi (Princeton)

NOTE: location 6-110 ESB 11A-NOON

Sept. 11 TBA
Sept. 18 "Tan(beta) Enhanced Radiative Corrections in the MSSM"
by Heather Logan (Fermilab)
Sept. 25 "Observation of Anomalous Dimuon Events in theNuTeV Decay Channel"
by Todd Adams (Kansas State)
Oct. 2 "From BEAST to BELLE"

by Tom Browder (University of Hawaii)

Oct. 9 "Recent results from HERMES.
New perspectives on the spin structure of the nucleon."

by Naomi Makins (UIUC)

Oct. 16 "The Cosmic Triple Coincidence"

by Christopher Kolda (Notre Dame)

Oct. 23 "Status and Prospects for MINOS"

by Aesook Byon-Wagner (Fermilab)

Oct. 30
Nov. 6 "QCD at the Tevatron: Current Results and Future Prospects"

by John Womersley (Fermilab)

Nov. 13 "Recent Results from AMANDA"
by Francis Halzen (Wisconsin)
Nov. 20 Thanksgiving Vacation
Nov. 27 "QCD and the Top Quark"

by Lynne Orr (Univ. of Rochester)

Nov. 29 "Muon Physics in the 21st Century"

by William Marciano (Brookhaven Lab)

Dec. 4 "Prospects for Higgs Physics at Present and Future Colliders"

by David Rainwater (Fermilab)

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