Info for Visitors to UIUC Physics/Math

Revision: 9/26/2007

The Physics Department is (mostly) contained in Loomis Laboratory, at the corner of Green and Goodwin in Urbana. The Math Department is contained in Altgeld Hall, at the corner of Green and Wright Streets, and Illini Hall (on Wright Street).

A larger city map is also available.


The closest airport to the UIUC campus is Willard Airport, located just five miles south of Champaign. Willard airport is quite small; you might find that flights there can be relatively pricey. The next closest airport is in Bloomington, IL. There are bus services from the Bloomington airport to Champaign; see for example here. From Willard Airport, you can come to campus via taxi or via city bus.


Another option is Amtrak, which offers service between Chicago Union Station and Champaign a couple of times per day. The Champaign train station is downtown, only a few miles from campus.


There are a variety of bus services from many midwestern cities. One bus service that offers service between Chicago and Champaign, albeit mostly Thurs - Sun service, is Suburban Express. See also Greyhound and Blue Bird Charter Service


If you will arrive by car, then the following directions might be useful. Note that they are oriented towards physics visitors -- they speak of directions to Loomis Lab; Altgeld and Illini Halls are a short distance west on Green Street.

Travel conditions courtesy IDOT.

Parking on Campus

If you do have a car and wish to drive to campus, parking on or near campus can probably be arranged. If you are visiting the Physics Department, we can arrange for a parking pass in advance. If you are visiting the Math Department, there is a municipal lot located on Green St. between Fifth and Sixth streets.

After 5 pm and on weekends, university lots are open to visitors (subject to posted restrictions).


The Hampton Inn is located about five blocks from Loomis Lab or Altgeld Hall. They do have a shuttle service which could bring you to campus if needed. Their street address is 1200 W. University Ave, Urbana, located directly across from the Beckman Institute, and their telephone number is (217) 337-1100.

The Illini Union is the campus student center, and it contains a hotel. It is located at 1401 W. Green St. beside Altgeld Hall. Their phone number is (217) 333-0824. It has a long semi-circular driveway in front, and visitor parking is available in a lot at one end of that driveway. (Be sure to get a visitor tag for your car, however, from the hotel desk.)

Another possibility might be campus housing: info.

Where to find us on campus

Matt Ando: 327 Illini Hall, (217) 244-2846.
Sheldon Katz: 273 Altgeld Hall, (217) 265-6258; 429 Loomis Lab, (217) 265-0685
Rob Leigh: 431 Loomis Lab, (217) 265-0314.
HEP postdocs: 451A Loomis Lab.
String grad students: 496 Loomis Lab