BCDE Seminar

The BCDE Seminar is usually held on Thursdays at 12 noon in Loomis 464, although occasionally it will be held in the Math Department.

Information for Visitors

2006-07 Schedule

Date Speaker and Title
9/14 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Vishnu Jejjala (Durham University, Math)
''Exploring the Geometry of N=1 Vacua''
10/26 (Thursday)
12:00 pm (ESB 3-110)
Toby Stafford (University of Michigan, Math)
Sklyanin algebras and Hilbert schemes of points.''
11/9 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Niko Jokela (University of Helsinki, Physics)
''A Thermodynamical Interpretation of Time for a Rolling Tachyon''
11/16 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Eric Sharpe (University of Utah, Math)
''Heterotic Compactifications with Arbitrary Bundles''
12/5 (Tuesday)
11:00 am (Altgeld 241)
Kevin Costello (Northwestern University, Math)
2/27 (Tuesday)
11:00 am
Andrei Caldararu (University of Wisconsin, Math)
''Categorical approach to the Mukai pairing''
3/15 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Hisham Sati (Yale University, Math)
''The E8 gauge theory in eleven dimensions''
3/29 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Ilarion Melnikov (University of Chicago, Physics)
''Non-Local A-Model Observables from the Coulomb Branch''
4/10 (Tuesday)
12:00 pm (322 Loomis)
Nelia Mann (University of Chicago, Physics)
''Classical Integrability for Open Strings in an AdS background''
4/19 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Nora Ganter (University of Illinois, Math)
4/26 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Philippe DiFrancesco (CEA-Saclay)
''Integrable Combinatorics: from Loop Gas to Orbital Varieties''

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