BCDE Seminar

The BCDE Seminar is usually held on Thursdays at 12 noon in Loomis 464, although occasionally it will be held in the Math Department.

Information for Visitors

2007-08 Schedule

Date Speaker and Title
9/20 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Martin Kruczenski (Purdue University, Physics)
''Summing planar diagrams in light cone-gauge''
10/4 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Simeon Hellerman (IAS, Princeton)
''Dynamical Transitions from Closed String Tachyon Condensation''
10/18 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Oleg Lunin (University of Chicago, Physics)
''Strings ending on branes from supergravity''
11/1 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Greg Van Anders (University of British Columbia)
''SU(2|4) Symmetric Field Theories and the Lin-Maldacena Geometries''
1/17 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Eric Sharpe (Virginia Tech)
''GLSM's and Homological Projective Duality''
1/31 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Andy Royston (University of Chicago)
''Localized Modes at a D-braneľO-plane Intersection and Heterotic Alice String''
2/14 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Alin Tirziu (Purdue University)
''Matching the circular Wilson loop with dual open string solution at 1-loop in strong coupling''
3/6 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Christopher Herzog (Princeton University)
''Impure AdS/CFT''
4/10 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Andreas Malmendier (University of California, Santa Barbara)
''Rational elliptic surfaces and instanton invariants of CP^2''
4/17 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Jacob Lurie (MIT, math department)
''Topological Fields Theories in Low Dimensions''
4/24 (Thursday)
12:00 pm
Michael Kavic (Virginia Tech)
''Transient Pulses from Exploding Primordial Black Holes as a Signature of an Extra Dimension''

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